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Senior Software Engineer

Eleventh Hire, Inc. seeks a Senior Software Engineer to create user information solutions by developing, implementing, and maintaining Java-based components and interfaces in Plano, Texas, Salt Lake City, UT, and possibly in other unanticipated worksites in or outside of Texas and Utah.


(1) Support and re-factor Java/J2EE Projects including performance optimization (based on Spring modules: Spring-MVC, Spring-Integration, Spring-Boot, and Hibernate) (30%);

(2) support front-end systems using Web Services (REST-Full/SOAP/XML) including design/modify WSDL, and generating Java-objects based on WSDL (10%);

(3) design/modify new modules and new objects in databases (10%);

(4) develop protocols for communication with external systems, including HTTP, RMI, Socket (TCP/IP) (10%);

(5) provide automatization of local processes such as opportunity to generate spreadsheet with final result and import/export data (migration data) on Unix/Linux servers using Bash/Shell scripts;

(6) provide consultation and development for SQL (Oracle) and NoSQL (Solr, Apache Hadoop, Map-Reduce tasks, HDFS management) (10%);

(7) provide tests to include Junit to cover all functionalities (10%);

(8) support QA team to correct software bugs (9%); and

(9) such other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


(1) Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or a related field;

(2) 60 months of experience working as a Senior Software Engineer, Software Developer, Senior Java2EE Developer, or a related field;

(3) demonstrated working knowledge and understanding of:

(a) JAVA(J2SE/J2EE);

(b) Spring;

(c) Hibernate;

(d) Web Services;

(e) SQL and relational databases;

(f) Oracle PL/SQL;

(g) NoSQL and non-relational databases;

(h) Apache Hadoop (HDFS/Map-Reduce); and

(i) Bash/Shell scripting.

Send resumes to: Eleventh Hire, Inc. via email megan.mcmillan@hire11.com.