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As recruiters our goals are to find exceptional talent. In order to be successful in the market place we recognize that we have to add value and ultimately find our clients the employees who provide significant ROI when compared with our fees. We don’t believe in skill set searching. Simply conducting key word searches for a required skill set does not add value to our client’s search process. The key to identifying the “right hire” for a Company lies in understanding the company culture and perfect Candidate profile and finding appropriate spheres in which the “right hire” will be located. This is neither a simple nor a linear process.Ultimately it takes talent to find talent.

Why Use Eleventh Hire?

We employ the best Recruiters

Have you ever been called by a bad recruiter?

We use the best tools in the marketplace

Technology has changed the way we communicate

Our management team is top notch

Experience is important but have you ever run

We are ready for change

In case you hadn't noticed, the world & employment



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If you need to hire a Contractor we are here to help! There are many reasons for hiring contractors..

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