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Our 10+1 Methodology for Hiring Success


To kick things off, we dig deep to understand your needs and goals.


Once we’ve done that, we create a profile of your perfect fit. Who are they? What drives them?

Tell a Story

To help attract the right people, we write your story. Your ideal candidates don’t just crave your “What.” They crave your “Why.”

Sort through the Data

We’re not just working with a small pool here. We’re trying to find 1 hire out of 8 billion people.


Some recruiting companies recruit by clicking. We recruit like our lives depend on it, with a magnifying glass on your entire industry. Our unwavering attention to detail helps us create and find the talent profile that’s right for you.

Strategic Searching

Most recruiters start and end with keyword searches. Our strategy’s more involved than that. We build complex search strategies shaped around your candidate profiles.

The 85/15 Rule

Only 15% of workers are actively looking for work. But our recruiters will give you access to the coveted 85% who are more likely to be a better, more productive fit for your roles

All-Star Interviews

Just like a great date, we give you the tools to maximize your value during interviews and sweep candidates off their feet.

Offer Acceptance

With our guidance by your side, the odds of your favorite candidate accepting your offer go through the roof.

See Your Investment Pay Off

We can guarantee that the returns of your investment into the process will pay off by the dozens.


The last piece of the puzzle? Those would be our recruiters. They make Eleventh Hire what it is today.