Evaluate Your Hires Before Bringing Them Onboard

Not in a place to hire permanently? No problem. We’ll find you ideal candidates for your contract-to-hire positions. Whether you’re dealing with seasonal business cycles, facing market volatility, or have a project with a finite deadline.

Why Clients Turn to Us for Contract to Hire Recruiting

Filling contract-to-hire roles can be a win-win for both employers and job seekers. But only when you’re interviewing the right people. We strive to go the extra mile in helping you find them.

Identify the Right Person

Filling a contract-to-hire position requires finding a specific candidate. We use various tools and technologies to help you identify that person.

Work with a Diverse Company

To attract a diverse talent pool, we’re diverse ourselves. Not only are we a women-owned business with WBENC certification, but we also have a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion internally.

Get Reference Upon Request

Want extra peace of mind? We’re more than willing to provide you with excellent references upon request.