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We’re Just as Diverse as Our Talent Pool

Since 2012, we’ve been proudly operating as a 100% woman-owned company. Since then, we’ve been providing full-service staffing solutions with a focus in Technology, Finance, Medical/Biotech, as well as Marketing.

Interested in working with us? Just let us know. We provide programs for organizations of all sizes. From Fortune 500 companies to one-to-two-year startups.

With Eleventh Hire, you can count on customized solutions based on your specific initiatives and needs.

The Secret Is in Our Methodology

Finding a great hire starts with a great process. We’ve been perfecting ours over the years, so you find nothing less than your perfect fit.

Our Values

Creating a great company culture didn’t happen overnight. These are the values that helped us get there.

We employ the best recruiters

Have you ever been called by a bad recruiter? Have you been called by a good one? Recruiting is our product and we understand we will be judged on these merits alone.

Our management team is top notch

Experience is important but have you ever run into an experienced person that seemed to have 1 year of experience 20 times over? It takes talent to recognize and develop talent. At Eleventh Hire we have a first class management team with not only the experience, but also the skills to keep the organization delivering at it’s best.

InWe use the best tools in the marketplace

Technology has changed the way we communicate and recruit. This, however, requires us to invest in that technology and continually adapt our methodologies.

We are ready for change

In case you hadn’t noticed, the world and employment as we once knew it are changing. We are globalizing, virtualizing, experimenting, learning, and evolving. Are you? We can help you get there.

Meet the Team

Who’s doing the hiring and finding?

Zaki Shaikh

Sr. Manager of recruiting operations

Idris Shaikh

VP of operations

Swapnil Bhoj

director of recruiting operations in pune, india

Bronwyn Blankinship

Recruiting manager, USA

Bethany Canner

VP of Recruiting

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Megan McMillan


Ken Johnston

VP of Business Development

Any Last Minute Questions ?

We have the answers.

Everyone has access to tools like LinkedIn, Indeed, and a laptop.  The difference with Eleventh Hire is our Recruiters and how we actually use these tools. 

Our Recruiters go the extra mile to become an expert in your field and bring super star candidates to the table.  Ready to get started?

Under our Pay for Performance contingent model, you only pay us when we perform, so the organizational risk is low.

We are a true organic search firm. We use a variety of strategies and tools (LinkedIn, zoom, web scrapers, user groups and forums) to bring candidates into the process that you would not otherwise have seen.