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Find Your Needle in a Haystack

Hiring talent doesn’t have to be the time-consuming and energy-draining process some might think it is. Our hope is to help you find the right hire everytime so you can move your teams forward.

It Takes Talent to Find Talent

Finding exceptional talent is at the heart of our business. We work to ensure our team is trained in depth so they can succeed in the long term.

Use the best tools in the marketplace

Our recruiters employ the most innovative technology to source and hire talent.

Get guidance from a first-class management team

Our executive team knows what recruiting will look like today and tomorrow.

Our Process

How do we help our clients make the right hiring decisions? By using a proven process.

Meet Your Sage Recruiting Experts

First, you get a dedicated team of recruiters on your side to work on your initiatives. We match our initiative to your hiring scale, no matter how big or small.

Get All-Encompassing Profiles

The next step involves identifying circles of influence and finding common threads to see where your ideal candidates might be located. We also examine educational background, user groups, and past employment history.

Create a Bulls-Eye Strategy

Our strategy always hits the mark. By using our current tools and databases as well as external strategies, we can guarantee a terrific match.

Reach Out to the Right People

From there, we start actively reaching out to people based on identified criteria. Along the way, we’ll measure and adjust criteria based on your feedback.

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

We don’t stop at “good enough.”  We keep going by measuring engagement metrics and ratios, so you get the very best results. 

Why Clients Turn to Us for Hiring

When it comes to recruiting, we stand out for a few key reasons.


We’re in the business of hiring. Not competing with your recruiting efforts. That’s why you’ll never see us post your jobs to job boards.

True Organic Search

By using a variety of tools and strategies (including but not limited to LinkedIn, Zoom, web scrapers, user groups, and forums) we bring in candidates you otherwise might not have seen.


You can use our services when you need them. Quickly scale up or down to meet your demand. The power’s all yours.


We’re a women-owned business with WBENC certification. In addition, we have an endless commitment to diversity and inclusion both internally and for our clients.

Pay for Performance

You only pay us when we deliver results. This way, you get more value for every dollar spent.

References on Request

Need a third opinion? We’re more than happy to provide references on request.